Michael Slager's Mom & Pregnant Wife Band Together Over Devastating Killing of Walter Scott​ (VIDEO)

While shooting victim Walter Scott's mother is grieving the loss of her son who was gunned down by Police Officer Michael Slager, another mother is grieving too for the "loss" of her son: Slager's mother, Karen Sharpe. Sharpe spoke to ABC News about the devastation she is feeling right now, her feelings about the Scott family, and whether she has watched the infamous video that shows her son shooting Scott multiple times in the back.


Sharpe tearfully told ABC News that she can empathize with the Scott family because although what happened to both their families is different, it is the same in that neither family will ever be the same again."They're grieving just like I'm grieving."

She says she hasn't been able to watch the video:

No, I have not and I have purposely not watched it. I have purposely not tried to hear people's comments about it. I just, I can't watch it ... I can't read the papers. Maybe to some people that's being in denial, but I'm sorry, I just can't. I know how Michael is and I just can't imagine ... he's  a very good person, a very good person.

Sharpe also breaks the news that Slager's wife is eight months pregnant, and that the couple had worked very hard for the baby. She reveals a side of the cop the public has not seen: that of a man who accompanied his wife to every doctor's appointment. (The city has agreed to keep paying for health insurance until the baby is born, despite Slager being fired.)

Sharpe has had to take over those duties, and she says his wife is "so sad" at his absence:

She was just so sad because he was not there and I know that he would not do something purposeful to not be able to be with his wife during the delivery. They just tried so hard for this.

Ugh, just awful. Sharpe will not get the kind of sympathy that Walter Scott's mother will (people online are already blaming her for Slager's character!) but I feel for this woman. I can't imagine knowing your son did something like that, especially if it is completely different from everything else you know about your son.

As a mother, you think you know your children better than anyone. Now this mother must be questioning whether she knows her child at all. This woman is going to have to hear her son called a murderer for the rest of her life -- whether or not he's found guilty. She's going to have to hear unjust asperstions cast on her character and how she raised her child.

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And at least, unlike Dhozkhar Tsarnaev's mother, she is sympathetic to the victim and victim's family.

Slager's family did nothing and they deserve some sympathy too.

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