Cop Punches Pregnant Woman, But Who Was at Fault? (VIDEO)

A police officer remains on active duty despite video that shows him punching a pregnant woman in the back as deputies attempted to arrest her during a CPS transfer of her child. Deanna Robinson of Greenville, Texas, says that she was handcuffed and pushed into a corner and punched three times in the back by Deputy Josh Robinson but cops have a slightly different story.


Police had come to Robinson's home to oversee transfer of her 18-month-old child into state custody after an argument with her husband. Robinson readily admits she became combative and told cops not to touch her child -- it's hard to imagine most moms not doing the same.

That's when Robinson says she was cuffed, shoved into a corner by two burly cops, and one of them began punching her in the back. Home security cam catches one of the punches. The cop is raising his hand and appears to be going for another punch when the video mysteriously stops.

Robinson, who is an Air Force vet, was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. She has since given birth to a healthy boy, Levi.

Pictures posted to social media show Robinson extremely bruised by the encounter, which appears to show excessive force by the cop. But cops have a slightly different version of events -- they say that Robinson was not handcuffed at the time, and was reaching for Deputy Josh Robinson's (the two are not related) gun.

Of course, given what just happened in South Carolina, we know that police versions of events are not always totally truthful. But the video doesn't show enough to prove who is right here. If she was reaching for his gun, a punch to disarm her would have been within this cop's rights. But if she wasn't, then it was just completely wrong.

The cop has not yet been disciplined, but police have asked the Texas Rangers to do an independent evaluation.

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CPS transfers are some of the most dangerous and unpredictable scenarios that police officers face -- but once again it seems like cops need more training about when to use force and when not to. Although Robinson was clearly upset -- what mom wouldn't be when her baby is being taken from her? -- it doesn't appear, at least from the video, that she was any threat to the cops.

Should a cop EVER punch a pregnant woman?

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