Mom Begs Cops Not to Hurt Her Son, But They Kill Him in Her Presence (VIDEO)

While the world turns its eyes to the horrible police shooting that happened in North Carolina, another mother is mourning the loss of her son at the hands of a police officer -- this time the man had schizophrenia and she had called police for help. She would live to regret that decision as an officer opened fire on her unarmed son five times, killing him.


Catherine Daniels of Miami Gardens, Florida, has had a tough time of it dealing with her 25-year-old son, Lavall Hall, who has schizophrenia. When she called police because he was wielding a broomstick at her, it wasn't the first time she had done so.

But this time, things went terribly wrong. While 19 minutes of dashcam footage was finally released to the mom, it's still hard to tell exactly what happened. As so often happens, police and witness accounts differ. Police say that the disturbed man came at them with the broomstick, and that tasering did not stop him. But neighbors say the man did not have the broom in his hands, and that he was never tasered.

Tragically, the mom had also begged police not to hurt her son -- and that's exactly what happened. You can only imagine what she was feeling, watching the police shoot her son and knowing she is the one who called them there.

Daniels' lawyer says that the police are caught on video mocking her ... while it's unclear from the shortened version of the original 19 minutes what they said to mock her, in the beginning of the video released on YouTube, you can hear a cop say in a very dull, somewhat snide tone, "Please don't hurt my child, please," as if he is repeating what the mother had said to someone else or him. Take a listen:

Emotionally disturbed person calls are some of the most difficult police have to deal with -- I can't imagine being them either, and never quite knowing if this EDP will be your last. But it seems that police need better training, and would welcome that too.

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Our hearts go out to this poor mother. For any mom with an emotionally disturbed child, this is her worst nightmare.


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