Girl Named Beyonce Inspires Others With Weird Names to Share & It’s Hysterical

When you give your kid the name Beyonce, you're probably thinking, beautiful, fierce, famous, talented! You're probably not thinking that your poor kid is going to have to hear a round of "Single Ladies" whenver she introduces herself. But that's what happens to a young lady in New York who shares Mrs. Carter's moniker.


The young woman, whose story was recounted on the Humans of New York Facebook page, was soon joined by a chorus of other people with famous and/or unusual names. Need a good laugh? Check out these people with unfortunate names -- and think twice before your naming giving your kid some wackadoodle name, okay?

While being named after a celebrity must be annoying, I imagine it helps with getting a table at a restaurant?

Then there's the fictional characters names -- probably doesn't help with getting a table:

You can only imagine being named this, and then having to hear this ... constantly:

And being named this, and constantly being asked if you're this:

There's the unfortunate last names:

And the unfortunate combination of first and last:

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's kid will be saying the same thing one day:

Please think about how your kid's name will sound when the first and last are reversed:

And, erm, yeah, don't prank your kid!

Might want to avoid this one entirely right now:

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Erm, just no:

And no cars! Except maybe Mercedes.

Why, parents, WHY????

How many people would dare say this woman's name out loud?

Let's just all listen to this person, shall we?

Does this make you rethink that awesome unique name you were gonna give your kid?


Image via Roobcio/shutterstock

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