Picture of Little Boy & 'Ghost' of Dead Dad Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes (PHOTO)

Sierra Shary was eight months pregnant when one of the worst things she could have had happen happened: The father of her baby died. Shary's boyfriend, Lane Smith, had an accident, and had hit his head. Shary gave birth to their son, Taos. And when he was 6-months-old, Shary decided she wanted to do something special for him -- something that included the father he would never meet.


Shary went to an Oklahoma photographer named Kayli Rene, and asked if she could "play around" with somehow incorporating Smith into a photo of her and their son.

Rene came up with the idea of adding Smith into the photo as sort of an angelic presence, hovering over the mom and child:


The other day I got to meet some new clients, they were booked for a 6 month little boys pictures. As soon as I met...

Posted by Kayli Rene' Photography on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Shary was happy with the result, writing:

Thanks to Kayli, I now have a picture of my little family. It brought me to tears as I know it will many if y'all. This is how I picture us. Taos and I living our lives the best we can with Lane ALWAYS watching over our shoulder. He is watching out for his little boy better than anyone and I know he's got to be so proud.

After the photo was posted to Rene'ss Facebook page, the Internet went wild. Kayli says she is inundated with hundreds of requests of people wanting similar photos of themselves with lost loved ones.

What a touching way to pay tribute to Smith -- and this will certainly be a great photo for Taos to have as he's growing up. My guess is that Rene will have to make a new photo for Shary and Taos for each of his birthdays.

What do you think of the photo? Would you do something similar?


Image via Kayli Rene Photography/Facebook

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