Girl Who Tries to Kiss Strangers in New York City Is Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day (VIDEO)

What would happen if you went up to strangers and tried to kiss them? One very brave, or very foolish, young lady decided to find out -- and she did it in one of the quickest-paced, don't-mess-with-me places in the world: Grand Central Station in New York.


Comedian Farah Brook took to the world's craziest train terminal to see what the reactions would be if she randomly tried to kiss people, both men and women. "Let's hope I don't get punched," she tells the camera person before heading off to her rather dangerous mission. Check it out:

Ha. To be honest, I expected way more people would have wanted to lock lips with a young pretty brunette. That's New Yorkers for ya! They were probably so stunned, their first reaction was to run away. I bet the reactions would have been different if this was a bar at midnight.

But no one punched her, so hey, New Yorkers aren't all bad.

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And what about that dude at the end? He seemed quite happy with what the fates brought him that day. Wonder if those two are still seeing each other.

Would you ever try to kiss a stranger?


Image via Farah Brook/YouTube

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