'Cosmopolitan's Beauty Trend List Is One Young Girls Shouldn't See

If you're looking for what's hot and what's not this season, just look in the mirror. Are you white? Then you're probably wearing the latest, hottest beauty trend. If you're not, then you're probably not. That, at least, is the message that Cosmopolitan seems to be delivering with its "Beauty Trends That Need to Die" listicle that featured all of its dark skinned models on the "Die" list!


Whether it was noticeable contouring, sharp and boxy brows, ombre hair, graphic eyeliner, or black lipstick, dark-skinned models were used to illustrate the "needs to die" side of the beauty trend list.

Trends that are considered "gorgeous" -- such as baliage hair and berry lipstick -- were uniformly illustrated by white models such as Kendall Jenner, Jessica Biel, and Taylor Swift (only one mixed race model, Nicole Richie, made it to the "get to live" side).

Scroll down the list and it quickly becomes apparent that one side is simply darker than the other side -- and that side is the "needs to die" side.

This could be pure coincidence -- or it could be a case of "unconscious bias." No one sat down and deliberately tried to be racist -- I'm sure of that. But there could have been some subconscious bias going on: Light perceived as "good" and dark perceived as "bad." Unconscious bias starts extremely early. Numerous studies have shown that young girls would prefer to play with white dolls rather than black ones and that young children pick out black dolls as the "bad" ones.

These girls grow up -- and pick photos to illustrate "good" and "bad" beauty trends.

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It's the kind of thing that people in the media need to be aware of, and keep viligant about, because it's these media photos that influence young girls -- and why they end up picking white dolls.

Was this racist or just coincidence?

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