Man's Insistence on Following GPS Instructions Ends in Tragedy

GPS is a great invention but, let's face it, just like Google, it's making us really lazy. Not only do people not bother to learn how to read maps anymore, people are beginning to believe GPS over their own eyes. And in this case, it led to tragedy. Police believe that a woman died after her husband drove off a demolished bridge -- because GPS told him to.


The couple were reportedly driving in East Chicago when the man, Iftikhar Hussain, 64, drove straight off an elevated section of a highway ramp that was demolished and had been closed since 2009. Despite the fact that numerous barricades and signs reading "Road Closed" blocked the bridge, Hussain reportedly drove right around them -- and investigators think it's because he was dutifully following GPS.

Police say the driver unfortunately was paying more attention to the GPS than the signs in front of him -- leading the man to drive straight off the demolished portion of the bridge and fall 37.5 feet to the river.

The man was able to escape the car, but his wife wasn't so lucky. She died of burns after the car caught fire. Ugh, just awful.

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GPS is great, but it can cause you to turn off your thinking and hand it over to a computer. Something like this could happen to any one of us -- in fact, we're heard many of these types of GPS-brain stories over the years.

If it's between a sign saying "Road Closed" and a GPS voice urging you to drive down the road -- I'd go with the sign. Tragically, this man had to learn this the hard way.

Have you ever followed GPS into danger?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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