College Women Compete to Get Prestigious Internships … By Twerking in Bikinis (VIDEO)

So what did a group of college women have to do to compete for a prestigious intership at one of several large companies? Did they a) submit their resume, GPA, and list of college accomplishments; b) write an essay on their favorite economic theory; c) twerk in bikinis in front of an audience. If you picked "c" congratulations -- you might just live in the Czech Republic!


Who knew this was happening, but apparently it's standard to have beauty contests in colleges across the Czech Republic -- which I guess is no worse than the beauty pageants here which offer school scholarships not to the smartest or hardest working but, well, to the prettiest. But, still, to think it's just a basic, common thing that happens there in colleges across the land is pretty skeeve-inducing.

But when Prague's University of Economics had its recent pageant, the pageant presenters decided to up the ante by making girls compete for internships -- by twerking. Because nothing says "I can solve economic problems" like shaking your ass around in skimpy underwear.

A woman shot video of the twerking contest and uploaded it to Facebook, where it eventually got the attention of the university (thanks to calls from journalists), which swore it had nothing to do with the butt bouncing. The school promptly cancelled next year's contest -- now watch out for the Czech Republic economy to completely collapse.

What a reminder of how sexist some parts of the world still are. This is why it pisses me off when women here dismiss the "feminist" label. Really? Did you twerk for your internship?

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Only one woman declined to take part in the twerking contest -- and that's the one who will probably have the toughest time finding a job. We've come a long way, ladies, but we sure do still have a long way to go.

Did you have any idea stuff like this went on?

Here's the ladies, working hard for their internships:

Image via Hustle CZ/YouTube

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