Congresswoman's Bad Parking Job Goes Viral Because It's That Bad (VIDEO)

You know that old cliche about women being terrible parkers? Well, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who represents Washington, D.C., didn't do much to upend that cliche today. In fact, she seemed to cement it. Eternally. Thanks a lot, Eleanor. But this lady has some of the worst parking skills we've ever seen.


A couple of Hill staffers were astonished when they saw Norton come into a parking spot and instead of parking at an angle, like all the other cars were, Norton decided to be "different" and park in a straight line, thus scraping the car to her left several times (at least according to the videographer). "She has hit that red car repeatedly," says the snickering witness. "And I don't think they're going to do anything about it."

But that wasn't gonna stop her! The good lady continued into the space, still in a straight line, appearing just inches from the car on the right side of her. "Unbelievable!" one cameraman cries as Norton leaves with a staffer.

But then ... suddenly ... she's baaaack. Check it out:

Erm, okay, so at least she didn't kill anyone. But you have to feel for those people who were going to try to get their cars out from beside her. She didn't even leave a note for that car she supposedly scraped.

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Still, Norton is 77 years old, so maybe we need to cut her some slack. But you do wonder what would have happened if she'd been trying to parallel park. The mind boggles.


Image via Jen/Flickr

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