Woman Held in Psych Ward After Saying Obama Follows Her on Twitter -- But, um, He Does

A woman is suing New York City and a hospital after she says she was locked away for eight days on a psych ward and pumped full of drugs and forced to undergo therapy when no one believed that President Obama followed her on Twitter. The catch? He does.


It all started when 32-year-old Kam Brock had her car confiscated by the NYPD because they suspected she was high on drugs. No drugs were ever found, but cops hauled her off to Harlem Hospital's psych ward anyway when they determined that she was being too "emotional" about wanting her car back.

There, doctors were reportedly incredulous when Brock, in some kind of panicked attempt to prove she was an upstanding citizen, told them that President Obama followed her on Twitter. Not apparently familiar with the fact that Obama follows many regular citizens, the doctors reportedly forced sedatives and lithium on her and wrote in her report: "Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter."

Call me delusional, but those seem like rather small objectives. If you're in a mental ward, you'd at least hope your medical records would say something like, "Objective: Patient will verbalize that she did not come from outer space."

Seriously, what the hell? Are people being institutionalized now for claiming celebrities follow them on Twitter? It's not like she said she was married to Obama.

Not to mention the little fact that, well, he does follow her on Twitter! This story frightens the hell out of me -- could anyone get 5150'd because of something this lame? Should I never tell anyone again that Justin Bieber follows me? (Sssh!!)

To add insult to insanity, Brock was hit with a $13,000 medical bill.

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Brock says she was finally able to leave the hospital after eight days, but doctors didn't tell her why. Perhaps they finally just checked her Twitter account.

Side note: The Washington Post uncovered the fact that @BarackObama isn't actually Obama, but Organizing for Action, one of his campaign's non-profits. Obama says he is not on Twitter. But still, this is as close as Twitter gets to Obama!

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