Jon Stewart Scores Major Win for Veterans With a Joke (VIDEO)

Jon StewartJon Stewart will probably gain some veteran fans thanks to a rant he gave on The Choice Program, which allows vets who live far from VA facilities to use out-of-network doctors closer to where they live. The problem is that only vets who lived at least 40 miles from a VA clinic using "as-the-crow-flies" (the shortest distance between two points) miles could take advntage of this new implementation. Until Jon Stewart came along!


Check out Jon's awesome rant:

Well, you might think of The Daily Show as just an entertainment show, but it can have real world implications, and Jon's joke spark a big change: the rule has been changed so that the only miles that count are those on an actual map.

The small but important change in language actually doubled the amount of vets eligible for the program.

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Now, I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly what crows have to do with anything, or why or how they would determine whether or not a vet gets medical care, but I think crows should just be left out of anything important, ya with me? Let the crows deal with themselve, and let the humans have things like Google Maps and mileage.

Hopefully vets who don't like Jon Stewart will think of him as they get medical care they may otherwise have not. We will certainly miss Jon when he retires.

Are you glad Jon Stewart said something about this?

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