Men Offended By Sarah Silverman's 'Rape Prevention Tips' Are the Real Joke

Sarah SilvermanWhen it comes to sexual assault, women are bombarded with "advice" about how to "avoid" it. It usually goes something along the lines of "Don't walk alone late at night," "Don't dress too sexily," "Don't drink too much," "Meet in a public place," "Carry Mace," "Bite his penis," "Learn self-defense," "Don't make eye contact," "Be careful of your facial expressions," "Don't breath in the direction of a man," and "Actually, don't breath at all." So, yeah, we women are INUNDATED with advice on how to "avoid" rape, and ya know what? Hundreds of thousands of women are still raped each year. So maybe it's time for, ooohhh, I dunno, for the men to get some advice? On how NOT to rape? I think that's a pretty good idea. And comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted some awesome prevention tips for potential rapists ...


Although the caustic "tip list" first appeared in 2001 on a blog by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, it's making the rounds again thanks to Sarah, and really, I don't think we can get enough rape prevention tips ... for rapists.

Here's the full list:


Isn't it refreshing to have a rape prevention list geared toward the perpetrators of rape rather than its victims?

Of course, some guys weren't too happy about this, calling Sarah that old standby: a rabid feminist. Ooohhh. Some responses:


Hmm, I think these guys are missing the point. The point isn't that "all men" are out there raping, the point is that women are sick to death of being told that their behavior/dress/attitude/thoughts/direction of eyes/style of walk/style of talk/you name it is the cause of rape. There is no cause of rape except someone choosing to rape someone else.

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It's about time that we opened up the dialogue about rape prevention to what men should/shouldn't be doing rather than just what women should/shouldn't be doing. In this instance, the "dialogue" was jokey, let's hope that it gets real. Why shouldn't men be taught that if a woman is passed out and unresponsive, that is NOT the time to have sex? That if she is wearing a skirt, that does NOT men she is inviting your sexual harassment. If she says no, but you're already turned on, you don't have permission to continue. Apparently a lot of men don't know these things. They should.

Do you think these rape prevention tips are unfair to men?

Image via Sarah Silverman/Instagram

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