Air Force Vet Wants to Find Little Girl He Saved During Hurricane Katrina & You Can Help (PHOTO)

Attention, everyone! If it's one thing you do this morning, share this picture in hopes that these two cuties can be reunited! A U.S. Air Force veteran who helped save a darling little girl during Hurricane Katrina has been looking for her ever since -- with no luck. But we all know the power of the Internet, so methinks a little viral-ity might do the trick.


Sgt. Mike Maroney was working as a pararescueman in New Orleans during the unprecedented hurricane that destroyed much of the city. After being in NOLA for a week, Maroney rescued the little girl and her family. He remembers how she lovingly comforted her crying mother, saying, "Don't worry, we're safe." And how she then threw her arms around Maroney and gave a huge smile to the camera.

Honestly, how can you look at that photo and not have tears sting your eyes? If you can, get to a doctor, there might be something wrong with you.

Maroney told the Air Force Times that if he never did another good deed in his life, it wouldn't matter because he had this little girl's smile in his memory always. Aww.

Now most people would be happy with just the memory -- but not Maroney. He wants to know what happened to the little girl. Is she safe, happy?

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Despite sharing the photo online in the past, he still has not managed to locate the little girl, who would be in her teens now. Let's get these two back together for another photo!

Do you know this girl? Any thoughts for her and the airman?

Image via damnmemoriae/Instagram

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