War Veteran Saves Woman From Attacker at Restaurant & It's All Caught on Film (VIDEO)

A man who apparently intervened in a domestic violence incident at a Waffle House is being hailed as a hero as video of his brave act of defiance in the face of the abuser who attacked his girlfriend went viral.


The man, reportedly a Gulf War veteran, is first caught on film already in the process of putting a guy on blast who apparently had his hands around his girlfriend's neck. The man, who is much larger than the young men at the girl's table, but also very much outnumbered, showed no fear as he berated the young man, called him every name in the book, and told him if he touched the girl again, he would eat him for breakfast. Take a look:


Wow, that guy really had no fear. While I think it's great that he spoke up in no certain terms and gave that guy the beatdown he deserved, I also feared for his life. I'm not sure too many people would stand up to that many young men (or teens) for fear of what could happen. And unfortunately it does happen! There are are news stories of Good Samaritans who tried to intervene in domestic violence situations and ended up dead for their efforts. And unfortuantely there are some women who will defend their abuser and even help attack their rescuer!

When one of the guys threatens to shoot the vet, and he says, "Go ahead, it wouldn't be the first time," things get really tense! The video ends before we know what happened, but hopefully he made it out of the Waffle House alive!

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According to a person claiming to be the man's wife on YouTube, he did, and the boyfriend was arrested. She wrote:

The little piece of shit was screaming at his woman and then put his hands around her throat and started choking her. No one stepped in to stop it so my husband did. We have no tolerance for violence in my family.

Hopefully the guy laying hands on his girlfriend will realize what he did was wrong, and get some help, and stop being an abuser! And hopefully the woman leaves him!!

Kudos to this man for standing up for a woman who needed help. Sadly, you can also hear the man say he saw his father beat his mother. You can see why he has zero tolerance for abuse.

Would you want your man to intervene?

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