Fallen Soldier & His Dog Get Touching Tribute From Airport Baggage Handlers (VIDEO)​

If you ever what happens to a fallen soldier's remains until he or she reaches the funeral, it's good to know that along the way, a soldier who sacrified everything might be getting the honor and respect he or she deserves. A touching video showing a fallen soldier and his trusty fallen K9 partner arriving in coffins at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has gone viral and it illustrates just how much the average person wants to do for our military members.


The people paying their respects are volunteers with a Delta airline program called Delta Honor Guard. Workers at the airport will line the area where the solider's coffin is moved, holding flags and saluting, and  generally giving the soldier respect. Watch this:

Volunteers make sure that whichever soldiers pass through the airport get the same kind of treatment. The Delta Honor Guard makes sure that fallen soldiers are honored at other airports too. The program started in Atlanta in 2005, but expanded into Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Norfolk. Other airlines (such as American Airlines) have similar programs.

Delta employee Brian McConnell, who coordinates the services in Atlanta, told Delta's online news report:

For nearly a decade, I’ve stood alongside a dedicated group of Delta Air Lines volunteers rain or shine to pay respects to our nation’s fallen heroes as they transit through the world’s busiest airport. As a member of the Delta Honor Guard, we take great pride in the humbling task of making sure the remains of these military fallen are well cared for as they make their way home. 

It's wonderful to know that our soldiers are getting the respect they deserve when they are flown back to the States; hopefully it gives the families of the soliders just a little bit of comfort.

Did you know Delta did this?

Image via BenLynnVideo/YouTube


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