Military Life in Pictures: 10 Images That Will Make You Proud To Be an American (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Mar 18, 2015 Breaking
Military Life in Pictures: 10 Images That Will Make You Proud To Be an American (PHOTOS)

Sure, we know they protect our freedoms, fight for our country, and serve our citizens, but what do we really know about our servicemen and women? Some of us who love someone in the military may know more, but those of us who don't have any military friends or family can often be ignorant about what their lives are like. Here are tk touching photos of military life.

  • Training Military Dogs


    Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

    Military dogs deserve just as much respect as human members of the military. Here U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Brian Moreno, the kennel master attached to 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, gets a ferocious bite on the arm from dog Chris during training in Baghdad, Iraq. Yikes!

  • Military Dog Funeral


    Image via Beverly & Pack/Flickr

    And military dogs DO get the respect they deserve sometimes, such as at this funeral for a working dog, Kevin, who passed away due to complications from cancer. (Sadly, some military dogs end up in shelters!)

  • Goodbye, Daddy


    Image via The National Guard/Flickr

    We can forget how much sacrifice the military make -- such as leaving their families for long periods. Here, SFC William Petit hugs his children goodbye at a deployment ceremony for the Michigan Army National Guard.

  • Saving Lives After an Earthquake


    Image via Expert Infantry/Flickr

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that being in the military is about more than fighting battles -- it can be about saving lives, as this serviceman shows, carrying food and water to Haitians devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

  • Boosting Morale


    Image via California National Guard/Flickr

    It's important to have fun too. Here, soldiers enjoy a game of football on morale day during training for the California Army National Guard.

  • Making New Friends


    Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

    Here, Lance Cpl. Joshua Davis hangs out with his new pal, a young Afghan boy. They made friends while the Marines delivered gravel to his neighborhood.

  • Building a Better Future


    Image via Expert Infantry/Flickr

    U.S. Army Capt. Gerald Woodford hands out school supplies to Iraqi school children in 2008.

  • Rafting SEALs


    Image via Rennett Stowe/Flickr

    Navy SEALs in training. "My raft is my friend," says the caption. " Probably about this point these SEAL candidates didn't really think that their raft was their friend; rather, it was probably viewed as an instrument of pain."

  • Honoring the Fallen (but not Forgotten)


    Image via DVDISHUB/Flickr

    Capt. Andy Stewart places an American flag and handmade lei at the top of a gravesite at the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl in Honolulu. Volunteers placed 92 flags among the 34,000 gravesites on the grounds of the cemetery.

  • American Pride


    Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

    Spc. Morgan Austin, communications specialist with Joint Forces Command – United Assistance, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), holds up the flag during a re-enlistment ceremony at Barclay Training Center, Monrovia, Liberia.

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