Manager of Veterans Medical Center Suspended for Mocking Military Suicides​

A manager at a veteran affair's clinic is in hot water after she sent an email over Christmas time to staff members showing an elf that pleaded for Xanax and appeared to hang himself. The woman, Robin Paul, runs the clinic's transition program, which also offers mental health services. So you'd think that suicidal thoughts and mental health issues wouldn't be a laughing matter to this woman, but apparently they were.


Paul is a manager at the Roudebush Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. It's unclear how many staff members were involved in the email, but the elf reportedly appears to have instructions to pass him along.

In the email, titled "Naughty Elf in the STICC clinic," the elf is shown pleading for Xanax and says "Help!" when told the clinic was out of the drug. He then hangs himself in some Christmas lights -- that photo is titled "Caught in the act of suicidal behavior."

I get that people dealing with emotionally-disturbed vets must see a lot of trauma and are probably just blowing off steam by using inappropriate humor, but it does make you wonder how sympathetic they really are to vets problems? Vets have a right to go into a clinic and ask for help without wondering if they will be made fun of when their backs are turned.

In fact, it is these kinds of attitudes that might prevent a vet from seeking mental health help! The last thing we need to do is anything that might make a vet think that getting help is something to be ashamed of -- it is NOT.

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The manager, who apologized for the email, has been suspended. But the damage is done.

Let's hope that vets who seek help realize that they are strong people and we're proud of them.

Do you think someone should get fired?

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