Cops Who Saved Baby From Icy River Say They Heard Mysterious Voice Call 'Help!'

Four police officers jumped into a cold river after they heard a woman's voice begging for help. However, to their surprise and horror, when they reached the submerged car, they only found a dead mom -- and her baby. But miraculously, the 18-month-old girl was alive. So who was yelling for help?


Officer Jared Warner of Spanish Fork, Utah, told the Deseret News:

We've gotten together and just talkin' about it, and all four of us can swear that we heard somebody inside the car saying, 'Help.'

The car had reportedly been submerged in the icy river for up to 14 hours after Lynn Jennifer "Jenny" Groesbeck, 25, lost control of her car after visiting her parents and went off the road. She and her baby were alone in the car. It wasn't until the next day that a fisherman spotted the wreck and called 911.

When officers arrived, they expected to save a woman, as all four say they heard cries for help. Said another officer on the scene, Bryan DeWitt:

We were down on the car and a distinct voice says, 'Help me, help me.'

Yet another officer, Tyler Beddoes, concurred, saying:

It wasn't just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice.

He says one of them even yelled back, saying, "We're trying. We're trying our best to get in there."

But upon finding the mom deceased, and just the baby alive, the cops were stumped as to who they could have heard ... could it have been the spirit of the mom desperately trying to save her child? Presumably, it wasn't the baby. One cop even clarifies that the voice did not sound like a child.

Whoever it was, the voice was definitely a guardian angel for the little girl, as police say the voice urged them to keep going and gave them the strength to flip over the car.

The little girl, who was strapped into her car seat, had just managed to escape the water, which was so cold, some of the firefighters who also arrived on the scene had to be treated for hypothermia.

The girl, named Lily, is now recovering. Her aunt, Jill Sanderson, wrote on GoFundMe:

Her improvement is astounding. Right now she's watching Dora and singing 'Wheels on the Bus' with Grandpa. She is smiling and laughing for family members. We're blown away by Lily's progress and so grateful to her rescuers.

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Wow, sounds like a miracle. Whether it was the mom, the baby, a guardian angel, or nobody but the cops' imaginations doesn't really matter. What does matter is that the voice was there when it was really needed.

Does kind of make you believe in things we can't understand though, doesn't it?

Where do you think the voice came from?


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