Oklahoma Fraternity's Racist Chant Is Absolutely Outrageous (VIDEO)

A fraternity at Oklahoma University has been shut down after its members were reportedly caught on video singing a horrifically racist chant on a bus. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter was shut down Sunday and all of the members of the frat have been suspended after video surfaced showing them singing about how African Americans would never be allowed in their fraternity and should be lynched.


In the video, which was shot Saturday night on a bus on the way to a party, the frat members can reportedly be heard singing the words, "there will never be a n***r in SAE" and "you can hang them from a tree, but they'll never sign with me. "

Although university officials have yet to confirm these were UO students, President David Boren has already released a statement on Twitter about the controversial incident:

Kudos to SAE for immediately handling the situation and having zero tolerance for this type of behavior. All of the frat members have already reportedly moved out of the house and SAE national president Brad Cohen also made his feelings known on Twitter:

Beautiful, perfect response. All universities should watch carefully and take note of how UO is handling this.

As for the other students, several reportedly staged a protest outside of the school on Monday morning. Vandals also hit the house shortly after the video was released and someone spray painted the words "tear it down" on the frat house. It is now being guarded by police officers.

Watch the video here and let us know what you think:

Do you think the school and SAE have handled the situation well so far? What more should be done?


Image via Edward Stojakovic/Flickr

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