Toddler & Elderly WW2 Vet Will Break Your Heart As They Reunite for Party (VIDEO)

If you haven't had a good cry yet today, get out your tissues, because you're about to. In a world where wars are started because people look different or have different religions, one pair hasn't let their extreme age difference get in the way of a profound and beautiful friendship. Emmett Rychner, who is 4, and Erling Kindem, a 90-year-old WWII vet, took the Internet by storm last year when a picture of them hugging it out went viral. Now the two are back together for a reunion that will have you sniffling over your computer.


As neighbors in Farmington, Minnesota, the toddler and the elderly vet became fast friends while bonding over Kindem's tomato plants. But soon they were torn asunder when both moved -- Rychner's family to the country and Kindem to a retirement home.

But little Emmett's parents knew they needed to reunite the two for a very special occasion -- Kindem's 90th birthday party. And Emmett had something unique and touching to give his older pal. Take a look:

Aww, does that not just melt your heart? It's unclear who made the dog tags, but I'm thinking maybe Emmett's parents. Or the media! Haha. (Erm, seriously, was it the media?)

Well, doesn't matter whose idea it was, it's still precious. And don't you love how natural the two seem together? They even give each other some good-natured ribbing.

Some of my most profound relationships growing up were with my grandparents. These days, with so many people having kids late in life, many kids will grow up without ever getting to truly know someone so much older than themselves, and that is a real shame. Elders have SO much to teach us!

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I hope when Emmett says he will come back "eventually" he means soon! Wasn't it cute how he went in for that last hug?

Have you ever made a friend much older or younger than you?


Image via USA Today/YouTube

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