Former Soldier Chelsea Manning Wins Victory for Transgender Rights

Chelsea Manning, the former soldier who is serving a 35-year military prison sentence for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks will be officially referred to as a "she," thanks to court order.


Manning has been fighting for gender appropriate pronouns in filings about her, something the military has been against. But the government objected.

However, a new court order says that Manning, formerly known as Bradley, will now be called "her" and "she."

Given that Chelsea Manning is serving a long prison sentence for exposing some horrific deeds of the military, and is considered a heroine and whistleblower in many parts of the world, it's odd that the military would small-mindedly continue to insist that she be referred to as male pronouns. I mean, what is the point, other than to continue to psychologically torment her?

Whether or not you agree with what Manning did, it seems silly to deny her the right to be called the preferred pronoun.

Now Manning will continue her fight to become a woman while in prison -- she next wants to grow her hair long, again, something the military won't let her do. Sigh, military, just let her have long hair, jeez!


Image via Expert Infantry/Flickr

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