Dress That Shook Internet Returns in Powerful Domestic Violence PSA

salvation army dress ad domestic violenceThe dress that shook up the Internet due to its ability to change colors right before your eyes is now being put to use in an anti-abuse ad. If you thought it was shocking that half the people who looked at a picture of this dress saw black and blue while the other half saw white and gold, this ad should shock you even more.


Made for the South African chapter of the Salvation Army, the PSA depicts a woman wearing the famous dress -- which still looks white and gold to me! -- but her bruises are distinctly black and blue.

At first the ad is quite shocking. Here is this lovely lady modeling a cute dress -- but look at those signs of horrific abuse! It seemed a tad exploitative. Really, did we need to jump on #thedress bandwagon to draw attention to domestic violence? Is it right to show a cute girl in a sexy pose who has clearly been beat up? She should be crying, cowering in a corner, or contemplating jumping off a bridge, not puckering her lips and lying down in a standard va-va-voom pose in a tight dress!

But then you read the copy:

Why Is It So Hard to See Black and Blue
The only illusion is if you think it was her choice.
One in 6 women are victims of abuse.
Stop abuse against women.

Ahh. Brilliant. That says it all right there. And how utterly sick that there are still those who think domestic violence is a woman's choice?! WHAT? But, sadly, I guess there are.

However, I wonder if men will "get" the ad. Did they pay attention to this whole dress brouhaha as much as women did?

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And why is the dress white and gold if it's not the original illusory photo? Does it also come in white and gold? From what I'd read, it was only blue and black.

Okay, forget about the damn dress. It's about the message. Domestic violence is NEVER a woman's choice.

What do you think about the ad?


Image via SA Salvation Army

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