Mom Blogger Found Guilty of Poisoning Her Young Son to Death

A verdict has been reached in the case of the mom blogger who was accused of slowly poisoning her 5-year-old child with salt. Lacey Spears was found guilty of second degree murder for the death of her son Garnett.


Prosecutors alleged that the Chestnut Ridge, New York, mom poisoned her son to death with sodium, by putting salt into his feeding tube in the hospital bathroom.

Garnett was all set to be released, since doctors couldn't find any sign of the seizures that Lacey complained about. Jurors were shown some pretty damning evidence against her -- a video showing her going into the bathroom with Garnett, a cup, and a thin piece of hospital equipment. Moments after exiting the restroom, Garnett screamed and writhed in horrific pain from the poisoning. He died four days later.

Lacey blogged about all of Garnett's illnesses, which included ear infections, unexplained fevers, seizures, and digestive problems. Police suspect that she suffers from Münchausen by proxy, but prosecutors declined to bring it up in trial, as they felt they had more than enough evidence to convict.

Münchausen by proxy happens when an adult caretaker (usually a mom, but not always) fabricates or exaggerates a child's illness for attention. A lot of times they'll even induce illness by poisoning or other means, just to make their claims more convincing.

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Spears pleaded not guilty, and her defense attorney maintains that "it is still a mystery" as to how the salt got into Garnett's stomach tube. They plan to appeal the conviction.

Spears' defense attorney says she plans to appeal the conviction, and maintains "it is still a mystery" how the salt got into Garnett's stomach tube.

The jury hit spears with the most serious charge they could, second degree murder. The minimum penalty is 15 years in prison, but the prosecution will seek the maximum 25 years.

How long would you put this mom away for, if you could?


Image via Sky News America/Twitter

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