Disturbing Video of Police Shooting Homeless Man Raises Questions ... Again (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Police Department is under fire today after a video went viral showing a man being shot and killed by officers in broad daylight Sunday. After responding to a call about a fight and possible robbery in the city's skid row section, the unidentified man—who may or may not be homeless—reportedly resisted and fought with officers and was subsequently shot at least five times and killed in front of bystanders.


Authorities say the man struggled with police and may have tried to grab a firearm, at which point two officers and a sergeant reportedly shot at the man.  At least five shots were heard on the tape, but it's unclear whether more were released. It also isn't yet known whether the man had weapons on him, though police say no other gun was recovered at the scene.

At one point, a woman can be seen picking up a cop's walking stick from the ground. She was immediately handcuffed by two officers and is expected to be charged with a crime.

Two police officers were treated and released for injuries.

The video below was immediately released on Facebook and has since gone viral. The LAPD says it is searching for other videos, including one taken from a body camera worn by one of the officers, and will use these as evidence as they continue to investigate the incident.

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It's understandable why a lot of people read this news today and thought, here we go again. But it's crucial to remember this is still under investigation and it doesn't help to make assumptions based on past incidents that took place in Ferguson and Staten Island, New York.

In a perfect world, we would reserve judgment and the temptation to crucify people until we have all of the facts.

Here's the video:

What do you think about the details we have so far and this video?


Image via John Liu/Flickr


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