Monica Lewinsky Webseries Takes a More Sympathetic Look at Her Sex Scandal (VIDEO)

Monica LewinskyWhat it would it be like if Monica Lewinsky was just a regular gal roaming around 2001 day New York City, noshing Magnolia cupcakes, strolling in Central Park, and taking private yoga classes? That's what web series director Doron Max Hagay decides to find out he conceived of a six-part web miniseries focusing on Monica and reimagining her as a tougher and more media-savvy heroine.


Based on a New York magazine article titled "Monica Takes Manhattan," the series follows what may have happened when Monica moved into the West Village a year before the fall of the Twin Towers.

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It's hard to believe that there's still enough interest in the former beret-wearing intern to warrant a webseries, but such is the power of a blowjob?

Personally, I never saw Monica as the villain here. She was a 22-year-old intern bowled over by her boss's power and sexual charisma. She certainly isn't the first young lady to be seduced by a married man. Clinton, on the other hand, was an old pro at cheating and should have known that it would come out eventually. Or maybe he should have picked an older woman, someone who wouldn't feel the need to blab about every encounter with her so-called friend.

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And I definitely feel bad for her that her entire life will be defined by these few fleeting moments in time -- ones she's probably forgotten for the most part. Imagine the entire world knowing whose penis you've entertained in your mouth. I guess that's the risk she took, knowing that this was Bill Clinton, and not some random Bill she picked up at a Capitol Hill bar, but who thinks like that at 22?!

Anyway, here are the first two episodes of Monica. The remaining four episodes will be released onlineby March 9Thoughts? Is it time to let this Monica thing go?

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