Llama Drama: Escaped Llamas Bring Out Internet Brilliance (PHOTOS)

OMG, you guys, a couple of llamas got loose in Sun City, Arizona, and the Internet went ape. The cute llamas were being shown to residents at a retirement community (I've found my retirement home!) when they made a break for it and dashed into the city streets. Police response was swift but, let's just say, not exactly effective. The llamas effortlessly evaded any attempt at capture for quite awhile. They were finally lassoed (literally) but not before breaking the Internet with hil-llam-ious tweets and memes. Not since OJ Simpson has a low speed chase so enthralled the nation. Here are some of the most LLOL-worthy memes and tweets from #Llamadrama 2015.


Can you say slow news day?

Winner for best headline:

Of course, Kanye had to say something:

Isn't it more like "Lam the Run"?

Even with a llama head, I'm still seeing white and gold, how 'bout you?

Yep, so glad this ended peacefully. #Llamalivesmatter


Did you watch Llamadrama? Do you think the media went too far?

Image via ABC News/YouTube

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