Man's Brilliant Idea for Selling Snow Could Change Everything

One man is making snow-ade out of snow. The Massachusetts genius, who has been buried in snow like much of New England this ghastly winter, actually figured out a way to make money from his snow clogged walkways. And what a brilliant idea it is too! The snowpreneur, Kyle Warning of Manchester-by-the-Sea (a real town!), has been boxing up his abundance of the fluffy white pain in the ass stuff, and shipping it to people in other parts of the country who actually want it.


Waring charges $89 for six pounds of snow. He even came up with a very clever name for his snow site, (Tagline: "Our nightmare is your dream.") Warning: The site refuses to send snow to anywhere in the northeast, claiming its goal is to expunge the area of snow, not pile on.

While the snow apparently does melt a bit by the time it reaches its destination, there is usually enough to make several good snowballs. Waring says his snow business is going gangbusters and he will continue to ship it as long as there's a demand -- and snow.

I really can't believe no one has ever thought of this before. I mean, think about all the things people without snow can now do. There are kids who have never been able to have a snowball fight who now can. And you can shake snow all over your driveway and tell your kids to get out there and stop being so lazy and shovel it. You could also trek barefoot through your new snow and then tell your kids how hard you have it. All of these are things those of us in snowy climates have been able to do for eons that those in sunny climes have never experienced.

Now if only other parts of the country can figure out a way to ship their weather. What if people in Portland shipped some rain to drought areas of California? I would personally love some sun right about now, and would totally appreciate someone in Florida shipping me some. I'm sure those in Arizona wouldn't mind a little breeze from Oklahoma.

Anyway, kudos to this man for such brilliant business sense. Anyone want some rats? Got plenty of them here in New York City.

What would you sell from your area if you could?


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