Angelina Jolie Shares Heartbreaking Stories of Families Ravaged by Terrorists

In addition to being an incredible actress, Angelina Jolie has made a name for herself over the years as a dedicated humanitarian. Her latest effort took her to northern Iraq in January, where she talked to Yazidi women who have seen their families ravaged by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.


The Oscar-winning actress made trip to the Middle East last month to make some videos to help bring attention to the terrible plight so many Iraqi women have faced as the Islamic State has gained more power and control in the region. 

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One woman, 45-year-old Naseema, appeared on camera with Jolie to talk about how the terrorists have ripped her family apart, and she has no idea where her husband or several of her children are. She lost two daughters, three sons, and her husband last summer, when militants raided her hometown.

She described the scene, "As they were capturing us, my eldest daughter was screaming. She was shouting at them, 'I will never go with you!'" She continued, "After they took her outside, they closed the door and she disappeared."

It wasn't until January, just days before she sat down with Jolie, that Naseema was released with two of her five sons. She's now living with them in an abandoned building in Iraq, just 10 kilometers from enemy lines.

Jolie's trip was part of a special envoy for the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees. Her goal is to spread awareness of the dire situation faced by too many Yazidi mothers. Hundreds or even thousands of people were taken captive last summer. ISIS views the Yazidi religious community as devil-worshippers, and therefore has no qualms about enslaving and killing them.

The whole situation is absolutely devastating, and we are so glad that Angelina Jolie is shining a bright flashlight into the terrible world so many are forced to live in. Hopefully with awareness, we'll be able to come together and find some way to help these people.

Are you appalled by what ISIS is doing?


Image via United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees/YouTube

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