10 Ways Life Would Be Different 'If the 80s Never Stopped' (PHOTOS)

No other decade brings as much joy, as much humor, as many interesting hairdos and clothing choices, as our ultimate favorite: the '80s.


Folks are getting through their Thursday work day with a little help from Twitter, where the hash tag #IfThe80sNeverStopped has inspired many to remind us of what life would be like if we all suddenly woke up this morning to find a can of Aqua Net on our nightstands and the words "mint" and "tubular" in our heart of hearts. 

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Let's take a trip back in time, shall we?

If it were still the '80s, this adorable little guy would fill us with joy (every evening at 5 p.m. EST, right before The Facts of Life):


Taking selfies of our huge hair wouldn't be so easy:


Ugh. No comment (sniff, sniff):


We wouldn't have to deal with that horrifically depressing Nationwide commercial, for one obvious reason:


Google's home page would look just a teeny bit different:


We'd all be crushing on Mario Lopez and wearing high-waisted jeans (oh, wait, some of us are still doing that):


Aqua Net would likely do more than keep our bangs standing straight up:


The men in our lives would be making us these:


And we'd have to rewind them this way:


And, of course, Johnny Depp would be everyone's crush and not a pirate who just married a girl born in 1986:


What do you miss most about the '80s?


Image via Chris Breikss/Flickr

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