Massachusetts Snow: 13 Pictures That Capture the Cold Craziness

woman shoveling snow in bostonSnowmageddon is real and BoSnow is trending. The good people of Boston have been blessed with record-breaking snowfall this winter. And they're letting us all hear it.


Take a look at the Bostonians' reaction to their glorious winter.

  1. Preach, Xzibit, preach.

  2. Start 'em young.
  3. Living every single little kid's dream.
  4. Because turn-of-the-century life is so 2015.

    Just FYI, this is how the Plague spread centuries ago. #MASnow #bosnow #snowmageddon2015

    A photo posted by WarCAWQ (@warcawq) on

  5. The official new definition of the word "path."

    This is the "path" between me and the street. We're at 95" and counting, people. #BOSnow

    A photo posted by Kassondra Wasmer (@kassondrawas) on

  6. Who needs ladders when you have a stepping stool OF SNOW?!

    My wife cleaning off the roof (again), at roof level. #bosnow #neptune #snowpocalypse #sayitaintsnow

    A photo posted by Corey Rastetter (@oystahs) on

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    7. Snow-brows: the latest beauty trend. Haven't you heard?

    I had a disagreement the other day with the wind about what direction to blow snow. #latergram #bosnow

    A photo posted by Michael Saletnik (@devnul0) on

  7. This is death. Pure, frozen death:

    Winter is dangerous #BOSnow â��ï¸ï¿½

    A photo posted by Carli Halper (@carlihalper) on

  8. And isn't that just the unbridled look of love? JK. LET ME IN.
  9. Sidewalks. On the side of ... SNOW.

    How #brookline does sidewalks #BOSnow

    A photo posted by Chris Davies (@cgrdavies) on

  10. Done. Bye.

    I'm done with this winter. #bosnow

    A photo posted by Justin Ellis (@justinellis) on

  11. "When your bus runs on a 'snow route' and simultaneously runs into a 12-foot snowdrift." Ah, yes, when.
  12. Fear not, there is a bright side:

    Waiting for the 101 this morning. #snowmaggedon2015 #BOSnow #lettering #script

    A photo posted by Jesse Saler (@jessesaler) on

Which picture is your favorite?


Image via oystahs/Instagram

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