Teacher Draws Humiliating Cartoon of Special Needs Student & It's Caught on Film (VIDEO)

A 15-year-old special needs high school student from Illinois, who says he has been bullied throughout school for weighing 330 pounds, didn't get the empathy and kindness he deserves from an educator who should have been in his corner. Instead, the teen was reportedly mocked by a substitute teacher at Streamwood High School in a horrific way—and managed to catch the entire thing on his cell phone camera.


Stephen Davis, a freshman, says he was on the "verge of tears" as he sat in math class and watched a teacher draw a monster-like creature on the whiteboard—one with buck teeth, tentacles, hairy ears, a scar on its cheek, and bloodshot eyes—beside the words "Stephen's ugly a--."

Davis, who says he has always been bullied but has learned to move on, recorded the entire humiliating episode on his cell phone. In addition to giving the video footage to his school administration, his sister has also reportedly uploaded it to Facebook in an effort to spread awareness about some of the awful things certain children are forced to live through.

The unidentified teacher has reportedly been suspended and the school's leaders say they are reviewing the incident and investigating anyone who may have been involved.

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It's truly disturbing and heartbreaking to think an adult, who could have chosen any other profession in the world, made the disgusting choice to treat a child this way. This teen needs love, positive attention, and encouragement. As I watch this video and feel my blood boil, the only hope I have is that this "educator" never steps foot into a classroom again.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised this is happening in a classroom?


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