Big Bird's First Tweet Breaks Twitter It's So Awesome

Ladies, let's welcome the newest Twitter member: Big Bird! Yes, you read that right. To be fair, the Sesame Street giant (literally) has had a Twitter account since 2012, but hasn't been an active member because he prefers Tinder (oh, I'm kidding!) But the giant bird has finally broken his silence with the most epic first tweet EVER.


So, what do you expect Big Bird to share on Twitter? News about his comrades Bert and Ernie? Gossip about Snuffy? Never!

Here's the bird's first-ever tweet:

Could it get more perfect?

Since he checked in on the social media site about one day ago, Bird Bird's tweet has been retweeted 7,400 times and he has over 16,000 followers.

It appears he may have gotten the hang of this Twitter business, as he followed up several times in the last 24 hours with posts like this one:

AND he has even learned how to retweet messages, like this one from his buddy, Cookie Monster:

I am officially hooked. Though, I must say it will take a lot for Big Bird to topple Cookie Monster's 22.5K followers. The competition is on!

What do you think of Big Bird's first tweet? Will you follow him?


Image via Splash News


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