Facebook After Death: What I Want Done When I'm Dead

Ever wonder what would happen if you walked outside of your home one sunny morning and were swallowed up by a massive sinkhole? I don't mean what would happen to you, you're dead. I mean what would happen to the digital embodiment of your life down here on Earth, that is, your Facebook page. Normally, what happens is that the Facebook page freezes. Or Facebook takes it down if the family requests it. Or someone with a password deletes it. But now you can actually appoint a trusted person to be your "legacy contact" to take over your social media mortal coil should you be rendered incapable of updating your status.


Your legacy contact will be given access to your page to write an update (presumably letting people know you won't be RSVP'ing to that birthday party) that will be a memorial at the top of the page. Your legacy can also change your profile shot, respond to friend requests (because everyone wants to be friends with a dead person), and continue to post from the account.

Your legacy contact will not be given access to private messages, so go ahead and make your sister your legacy even though you message nasty things about her to your friends.

The legacy will not be able to delete your account, delete anything the deceased (you) has posted, nor delete anything friends post or tag you in.

Unfortunately, the only thing I'd really want my legacy person to do is something he or she can't do: Discreetly delete posts. I'd want any post deleted where I was whining or kvetching about something, because you just know people are going to look at that and be all, "Look how she was complaining about the state of the world again, bet she misses it now, eh? She should have enjoyed it while she had the chance!"

Plus, there are those comments where someone really annoys you, and you come back all, "Well, that isn't what I said at all. And you clearly were not reading correctly, so you might want to blah de blah ..." Yeah, I'd want those removed.

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A legacy person can post a memorial, so write yourself a little obit and give it to your legacy if you don't trust him/her to come up with something suitable. And he/she can change your profile photo -- so you may want to email your legacy photos you'll want used instead of whatever ghastly thing is up there now. And he/she can respond to new friend requests, so you may want to instruct your legacy to email back something like, "So NOW you want to be friends, do ya? She requested you a year ago. Now she's DEAD! Bad timing, pal!" or something like that.

What would you have your legacy do?


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