Teen's Ungrateful Job Tweet Gets Her Fired Before She Starts

Oh, those kids. They still haven't figured out that not every little thought that pops into their wee brains should be shared with the world. But one teen probably got that message when she posted on Twitter that she was about to start a job she clearly wasn't thrilled to have with some choice words -- and her future boss fired her before she even started.


The teen, named Cella on Twitter, tweeted, "Ew, I start this f**k ass job tomorrow" with a series of thumbs down emojis.

Ohhh, snap!

Jeez, how many stories do we have to read about people getting fired over snarky, inappropriate tweets and Facebook posts before somebody understands that you just don't do it? At least, not if you want to work.

It's easy to blame this on being a teen, but I've seen adults do it too.

Robert Waple, who owns Jet's Pizza in Mansfield, Texas, heard about the tweet, got on Twitter, and replied, "And ... no you don’t start that ** job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!" accompanied by a bunch of crying face emojis.

But Cella seems to have bounced back fine and is actually enjoying the celebrity her viral tweet has garnered her -- Twitter users from all over the globe are letting her know that she made the news in their home countries.

For now, Cella, who is giddily retweeting all of this, is apparently happier with being in the Dumb Tweet Hall of Fame than with getting a "f**k ass" job at a pizza place. In fact, she's even got some job offers:

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In a world where tweet fame actually means something, who knows, maybe this is a step up. Teens, take note. Just kidding, teens. Get to work, because trust me, this won't look good on Cella's resume and Google lasts forever. Oh, and you can't pay the rent with people tweeting at you, even if they're from Uruguay. Just sayin'.

Would you hire Cella?

Image via @Cella/Twitter

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