Grocery Store Clerk's Rude Question Prompts Disabled Vet's Passionate Lyrical Response (VIDEO)

We all know that some of the worst wounds veterans come back from war with can't be seen with the eyes. Or maybe we don't all know this. After seeing a vet with a Disabled Veterans National Foundation hat in a grocery store, an employee asked him, "What's wrong with you?" since he didn't notice the young fit man in a wheelchair or a prosthetic or anything like that. What the young man had "wrong with him" was something much deeper inside.


According to the man's poem, the bagger at the store looked him over and said, "Looks like you have all your limbs." The vet chose to leave the store rather than respond, but then he went home and poured out his soul in a heartfelt poem, for all those who can't see the "blood behind his eyes" and who don't realize "the deepest scars are within."

Check it out:

You can really get a sense of the young vet's pain and passion. He has obviously seen some terrible things in his time. It's really great that he is choosing to express his emotions through poetry rather than numbing and denying them.

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It's a good reminder that the deepest wounds can't always be easily seen and to be sensitive to vets who may not "look" like they are wounded.


Image via melanie fay/YouTube

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