Nightmare TransAsia Crash: ​Miracle Footage Shows Lucky Toddler Rescued Alive (VIDEO)

TransAsia crash

By now you’ve likely read the tragic news that a TransAsia flight clipped a bridge shortly after takeoff from Taipei's downtown Sungshan airport on Wednesday and fell into the river. Death reports have varied, but a recent estimate says at least 26 people died in the accident, with 20 others missing and 15 hospitalized. Dashcam footage shows the moment when the plane scraped past a major highway, but another stunning video has surfaced — and this one captures the miraculous rescue of a young toddler.


The last communication from one of the TransAsia flight 235’s pilots was "Mayday Mayday engine flameout,” according to an air traffic control recording. A total of 58 people were onboard the domestic flight.

A car's dashcam recorded the shocking moment the plane banked sharply, struck a vehicle and the barrier of the bridge, then crashed into the river:

Unbelievably, the taxi driver whose vehicle was hit by the plane managed to walk away from the wreckage, and now footage has emerged showing a young child being rescued from the downed plane. In the video, emergency workers are seen carefully pulling the young child onto an inflatable boat before heading to shore:

No information has been released about the child yet, but it’s absolutely miraculous to see that he or she appears mostly unharmed. In a day filled with horrific loss, it’s amazing that this life that was somehow spared. What an uplifting moment to see those workers carrying that tiny body to safety. It almost seems like too much to hope that the child's family also survived -- but I'm doing so anyway.


Image via YouTube

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