Lance Armstrong Lets His Girlfriend Take the Fall for His Hit-and-Run

Lance ArmstrongRemember when we all used to look up to Lance Armstrong? Yeah ... not so much anymore. Ever since it leaked (and he later admitted) that he had doped throughout his entire career as an award-winning athlete, our respect and admiration for him sort of flew out the window. His list of disgraces only grows as he's been accused of lying to police about a hit-and-run accident by blaming his girlfriend.


Ugh. You'd think this guy would've learned his lesson about lying, right? If being stripped of all your Tour de France titles doesn't cure you, I'm not sure what will. 

Anyway, Armstrong was allegedly caught lying to the cops after a night out partying in Aspen, Colorado, over the holiday season. On the evening of December 28, he reportedly drove his SUV into two parked cars before fleeing the scene.

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At the time of the incident, he told law enforcement that it was his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, who had been behind the wheel. The two had apparently colluded together and "agreed she would take the blame for his actions with the goal of avoiding national attention."

It didn't work, however, as her conscience ostensibly got the best of her, and she later admitted the deception to the authorities. Armstrong was then cited for the hit-and-run. Neither he nor Hansen has commented publicly on the incident, and it's not known whether they're still together.

This is just such a bad example to set, especially after such a public fall from grace. Whether or not Armstrong was drinking at the time, you can't just hit parked cars and drive off. And then you especially can't lie to the police about it! And what does it say about his character that he was willing to let his girlfriend take the fall for it? It's not exactly the gentlemanly thing to do.

It's unclear what sort of fine or punishment Armstrong could receive, but the damage to his reputation has definitely taken another hit.

Do you think Lance Armstrong should have come clean about the accident immediately?


Image via Sun Media/Splash News

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