Patriots Coach Kisses Daughter on the Lips: Sweet or Scandalous?

Bill BelichickIt was quite the controversial Super Bowl in 2015, wasn't it? DeflateGate, Tom Brady talking about his balls, that totally wasted catch by the Seahawks and the decision to throw the ball rather than run it (hey, you know that's big because I don't even understand football and I knew that was a horrible play), the fight that broke out in the end zone after the game was called for New England ... and now the Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 62, is under fire for kissing his adult daughter on the lips.


Um, yeah ... that happened. In the celebratory aftermath of the Super Bowl, the coach of the New England Patriots was caught, on camera, kissing his 30-year-old daughter Amanda on the lips. 

It's been described as a "split-second smooch," but in the pic captured by Associated Press photographer Matt Slocum, it looks almost like a passionate embrace. Is it really just a case of bad timing that caught the lip-lock between Bill Belichick and his daughter?

Of course the picture of the father-daughter kiss went viral, leading many to comment on the inappropriateness of it. Even more surprising than the condemnation of the kiss, let alone the kiss itself, was the quite possibly the defense of it.

Apparently "experts" agree that "the social media firestorm is likely tainting a lovely moment."

Parenting expert and family physician Dr. Deborah Gilboa said, "I think this is a reach for scandal ... Being able to show affection between adult parents and their adult kids is lovely, and it's great if Bill Belichick has such a positive relationship with his daughter."

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OK ... in theory maybe it's a good idea that parents and their adult children are so close that they kiss on the mouth ... but I just can't see it. I have a very close relationship with my own dad, and kiss him on the cheek almost every time we greet and say goodbye, but on the lips? Never. Not even a little bit. It kind of makes me uncomfortable even writing this paragraph.

Little kids are different. As uncomfortable as I am with the idea of mouth-kissing my dad now (shiver), I actually have memories of being a small child and kissing my parents on the lips. Fine. I also have memories of having a babysitter, not being allowed to pick my own cereal, and being punished for mouthing off. Those are things that should not carry into adulthood.

I don't know ... maybe I'm a prude ... but I'm just not OK with adult fathers and daughters kissing each other on the lips.

Do you think Bill Belichick's kiss with his daughter after the Super Bowl was sweet or scandalous?


Image via Jamie Squire/Staff/Getty Images

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