Secret Lovers Busted After Unknowingly Putting on Sex Show for Bar Patrons Across Street

Cheaters gonna cheat ... and these days likely end up all over the Internet! For whatever reason, people seem to absolutely love catching cheaters in the act and exposing them for public ridicule (hey, at least it's not a stoning!), and the latest couple to get their escapades exposed are probably in hiding right about now. When bar patrons in New Zealand caught a glimpse of a couple getting frisky in a bank office building across the street, they took pics of their amorous encounter and posted them to Reddit, Facebook, and other online outlets.


The encounter was even live tweeted by bar patrons who followed their every move, from first flirt to heavy make-out sesh to undressing to, well, let's just say the guy's face apparently disappeared from view for awhile.

The bar patrons were so intrigued that not only did they share the couple's exploits with the Internet, but they pressed themselves up against the window, cheering them on. I doubt the couple heard, however. Especially since it later emerged they should have been much more discreet about their actions -- because it turns out the guy is married and the woman is engaged.

The bar patrons didn't know this, of course -- they just saw a couple getting it on and decided to share it with the world. But, honestly, is nothing sacred anymore? I'm not for cheating, and people should be careful about where they decide to have sex, but I just don't understand the need to share everything you happen to stumble across with cyberspace.

I'm SO glad I was able to do my partying and mistake-making in an era where no one had a cellphone and no one even thought about posting your breakups, cheating, crying, and cavorting to Reddit! I mean, this could have easily been a married couple -- why should they have their faces splashed all over the interwebs?

That said, you would think that being outed online would make cheaters more cautious and perhaps make them think twice, but it won't. Cheaters gonna cheat, cheat, cheat.

Did this invade their privacy?

Image via RustyClark/Flickr

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