Mom Thinks Video of Daughter Abusing Cat Is 'Darling' (WATCH)

There is nothing worse than a parent letting a child misbehave without any discipline whatsoever -- unless it's a parent letting a child abuse an animal without any discipline whatsoever. And that's exactly what appeared to happen when a mom in Mexico City uploaded a video of her young daughter "playing" with their pet cat.


Proud mama Molina Tapina wrote, "My darling daughter with our pet cat," accompanied by a video which she then reportedly uploaded to her Facebook page. The video showed a young girl, about 3, throwing her cat around by its legs, dancing with it, dragging it along the floor, and even falling right on it. The cat desperately tries to get away to no avail.

Meanwhile, mama videotapes her "darling" daughter instead of scolding her and freeing the poor kitty.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen a mom apparently puffed up with pride at watching her children mistreat animals. Remember the grandmother who proudly displayed her grandchildren stringing up their dog in the car?

What's astounding here is not the child -- mistreating animals is almost textbook young kid behavior -- but the mom! I mean, she actually posted this on FB as if it were a video of her daughter accepting an award for scholarly excellence.

If this had been the States, chances are that mom would have been arrested, as what happened to the aforementioned grandma. But this being Mexico, the mom just took down her Facebook profile once the Internet outrage reached her ears. Believe it or not, animal abuse isn't illegal in Mexico!

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What kind of daft mom thinks everything her kid does is glorious? Who looks at this video and thinks this is normal, precious play?

I don't blame the kid, she doesn't know any better. I'm a huge animal lover, and yet I can remember throwing kittens through hoola hoops when I was about this girl's age -- thinking I was training them for the circus. No parent was around to stop me. But if they had been, hopefully they would have!

Warning: This video could be very disturbing to animal lovers.

What would you have done if you saw your kid doing this?


Image via flikr/Flickr

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