Mother Reportedly Sold 6-Year-Old Child to ISIS

The horror in Syria is bad enough without the addition of children being trained to be terrorists, but that is exactly what is happening. We heard about the mother who is begging for her child back, after his father reportedly abducted him and brought him to Syria for training with terrorist group ISIS. Now comes the opposite tale: A father is pleading for his 6-year-old son's return after his mother reportedly absconded with him to the war-torn country -- to sell him to ISIS.


The woman is believed to have left her town in northern Italy to join up with ISIS, and she brought her young son with her. He says she left behind her two daughters as well as him. The boy's father believes that what enticed her is that ISIS is offering money to women willing to have babies for ISIS.

The group apparently wants lots of young children it can raise to become terrorists. There have already been lots of pictures of children being used in this bloody war, so there's no doubt that children are an integral part of the terrorist group's plans.

But what mother would do this? Even if you agree with ISIS's philosophies, wouldn't you want a better life for your son than being in a war? Wouldn't you want more for him than the very real possibility that he dies in a bombing or at the hands of foreign soldiers? Wouldn't you want him to get an education, have the love of his father and sisters, and grow up in a country where he could be anything he wanted to?

The father says that his wife had turned into "a sister of Jihad" so she obviously thought this was an important cause, and one her young son should be a part of.

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The frantic dad reportedly went to Syria to find his wife and child but came home unable to locate them. He has called the police.

How devastating for him. And for the boy, who will know nothing but killing and hatred.

Image via MEMRITTVideos/YouTube

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