Child Screams in Fear as Traumatizing Road Rage Attack Unfolds Before Her Eyes (VIDEO)

road rage child screams

What’s scarier than experiencing a full-fledged road rage attack from another person while you’re behind the wheel? Having this happen while your child screams in pure terror, as evidenced by the hair-raising video recorded by a North Carolina woman recently.


Sherri Norman claims that a woman tried to slam into her Saturday in a 35 mph zone, after trying twice to illegally pass her on a two-lane road going up a hill and nearly running her off the road at one point. Here’s how Norman described the incident:

She got behind me a second time and then went to go around again. I let her have the road, called 911, reported her and her plate number, (and then) I started phone video which was in a holder on dashboard — hands free.

The other driver, later identified as Kristin Leigh Phillips, repeatedly braked in front of Norman until she stopped in the road, got out of her vehicle, and approached Norman while screaming profanities.

The whole thing was captured on video by Norman, who has posted it to YouTube. You can see the furious driver stop her car at the 3:00 mark, and 3:07 is when she runs toward Norman while yelling, “You goddamned bitch.” That’s when a young girl in the car starts shrieking in fear.

Norman included the following YouTube comment:

Hi I am the driver in the road rage in randleman this is my first time taping..I was an OTR road truck driver of 15 years. and have seen this so many times i knew what was going to happen wanted it on tape twice the lady tried to pass me on 2 lane with double lines on a hill bout ran me off road first time she got behind me 2nd time then went to go around again I let her have the road called 911 reported her and plate number while waiting for them i started phone video which was in a holder on dash board hands free. gave copy to police she had alcohol on her breath at the time. cops havent done nothing yet ... That was my main purpose for posting to make aware of road rage.

Wow, that is just straight-up awful. Personally, I don’t think I would have had any interest in recording the incident while my kid (or any kid) was in the car, I think I would have turned it off or pulled over to contact the police. And I definitely would have wanted to drive off as soon as she started getting close to the car (although maybe that would have been too dangerous? If you accidentally hurt someone while you’re trying to flee a road rage attack, can you be held accountable?).

But maybe having this video will make sure Phillips is prosecuted for her actions. I’m so sorry the girl had to witness it, and I hope the law prevails to make sure this woman doesn’t terrify anyone else in a similar way.

Would you record a road rage attack if you had the opportunity?

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