Parents Outraged Over School Employee's Awful Facebook Posts

facebookWhat you post on Facebook can get you in trouble, and if your profile is public, everyone can see it. But people still post things that can get them in a bit of hot water. California school clerk at Walter Woodward Elementary Debie McLarty shared a photo of her family wearing Confederate flag clothing as well as a picture of President Obama altered to make it look like a bullet is going through his head.


Not good.

Officials within the Manteca Unified School District, which oversees Woodward Elementary, are not happy. It seems that at least two parents complained about what they saw on McLarty's public Facebook page and brought it to the school's attention. Local activist Ralph White spoke at a recent school board meeting calling McLarty's posts "the most racist stuff I’ve seen in this valley."

When FOX40 news asked McLarty about this, she said, "No comment. It’s my business."

In a way, she is right. What she posts on her page is her business. Her son, Jeff McLarty, came to her defense and said, "That’s someone’s opinion, and if you don’t like it, don’t read it." But it's not that simple. Vice President of the school board Sam Fant said that there are policies that school employees are asked to follow when it comes to social media, and he feels that this issue is the school district's business, too. Fant said that McLarty's photos "absolutely reflect aggression, oppression, and slavery." Since the photos she posted are disturbing and her page is public and she works at the school, it is something the community needs to be concerned about.

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McLarty has since deleted her Facebook page. Perhaps she realized it wasn't such a good idea to post those things after all. We all have opinions. I believe in free speech. But if there is a policy in place at your job when it comes to posting on social networks, those policies should be followed. The statements made with those two photos are huge and incite violence and anger. And now the community is aware of her stance on some polarizing topics. She may want to consult with a lawyer before making any more statements.

Do you think a person's Facebook page should be called into question?


Image via Bhupinder Nayyer/Flickr

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