Super Bowl Commercial Is So Horrifyingly Awful It Gets Pulled Before Game (VIDEO)

Every year, Super Bowl commercials are scrutinized to determine the best and worst, and this year, the "worst commercial" loser has already been picked by a landslide. In fact, it was so bad that the company who made it, web hosting company GoDaddy, has pulled the ad before it even airs.


The spot, which was unveiled on YouTube, features an adorable golden puppy who gets separated from his humans. The puppy endures a Scarlett O'Hara-like journey back home, only to be swept up in the arms of his human -- and promptly shipped off to the person who had bought him online.

Never mind the fact that the ad seems to take a cavalier view of puppy mills -- it's just a bummer! Who wants to see a cute little puppy go through so much to make it back home only to get shipped out by his heartless owner? Yech.

GoDaddy seemed to think this was funny, but so many people hit back -- on Twitter and with an online petition -- that they quickly realized it was not. To their credit, GoDaddy swiftly apologized and pulled the ad from YouTube and from its slot in the Super Bowl. Hey, imagine how much worse it would have been if no one had seen it before it ran! Wonder if the company will get the estimated $4 million back that it spent to buy a slot.

A word to the wise: People like to see cute animals reunited with humans, not torn away from them to be sold online to strangers. Whoever came up with this ad clearly has never had a pet.

Check out the ad, what do you think? Did people overreact?

Image via Daily Mail

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