​Undercover Moms Trick Sons Into Catcalling Them & Then Let Them Have It (VIDEO)

When it comes to women, many men are able to separate the way they feel their moms deserve to be treated from the way they treat random women. Case in point: the same young man who calls a woman a "hot piece of you-know-what" would go nuts if one of his friends did the same to his own mother. A new video that has gone viral documents a street catcaller's worst nightmare: two mothers dress up and go undercover, then confront their sons after they get sexually harassed by them on the street.


The video was shot in Peru, where an astounding 7 out of 10 women are reportedly harassed on the streets of Lima. A Peruvian TV show was able to locate "recurring sex offenders" who hang out on the street, then enlisted the help of their mothers to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

The first mom, who wears a knee-length black dress and heels, passes her own son and hears him call out, "Tasty panties." Oh boy. Imagine his shock when she confronts him and shouts at him about what a jerk he is -- then slaps him with her purse. Can you blame her?!

The second guy is even worse -- calling his mom "piggy" as she passes by in a green dress. She, too, is beside herself and says she is "ashamed" that he is her son.

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I feel for these women. As the mom of a baby boy, I would be disgusted to learn my son grew up and somehow got the message that it is okay to be disrespectful to women on the street (or anywhere else). Let's hope these guys shape up after this frightening, shameful experience:

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