Babysitter Gets Creepy Warning From Baby Monitor (VIDEO)

If there's anything scarier than a poopy baby diaper, it's got to be a strange man telling you your baby has a poopy diaper from over your baby cam. Erm, yeah. That would totally freak most people out, and it certainly did disturb nanny Ashley Stanley, who heard the voice coming out of the monitor used to keep tabs on her little charge.


When Stanley first heard the man's voice informing her that the toddler she watches had a poopy diaper, she thought that maybe the girl's parents were playing a joke on her. Then she thought maybe it was a talking toy.

But then the disembodied voice was kind enough to give her a clue who he was. Stanley told KHOU:

He said something else like you should probably password protect your camera.

Ahh, well, that was nice of him?

We all know by now (or most of us do) that baby monitors with wireless systems can easily be taken over by hackers if you haven't password protected your Wi-Fi service or have a password anyone can guess.

What happened to Stanley is being treated as a harmless prank, but it's disconcerting nonetheless. As Stanley says:

What pervert has been watching and not said anything? That is the kind of person that I am afraid of. Like who has been watching silently.

Yep, pretty creepy. Pick a strong password for your monitor, everyone, lest the poopy diaper peeper come a callin'.


Image via KHOU

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