Student Attacks Teacher Over Cellphone While Kids Just Watch (VIDEO)

If you don't think that teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the country these days, then take a look at this video of a teacher being assaulted by a 16-year-old student at a Paterson, New Jersey, high school. It will absolutely floor you -- and the floor is just where the teacher ends up.


Watch this:

Wow. I mean WOW. Reportedly, the student got angry when the teacher took away his cellphone and he wanted it back. While students are allowed to have cellphones in class, they can also have them taken away if teachers determine they are using them for non-academic purposes. (Is there an academic purpose for using a cellphone in class?!)

This video speaks not only to how teachers basically risk their lives in a classroom these days -- but how good parenting has essentially gone down the drain. I'm not speaking about this particular student, because I don't know his history. Perhaps his parents have tried valiantly with him and it's just not working.

But we all know that good, firm, loving, and regular discipline is a rarity these days, as kids are basically brought up to believe they are entitled to everything.

And don't get me started on cellphones! Kids these days don't even think they can survive without them -- they don't remember a time when they didn't exist and you actually had to communicate via your mouth.

Oh, and notice how the other kids in class did nothing to help the teacher, though at least a couple mentioned calling security. Most ran out of the way, with one saying, "I'm out!"

Apparently no one is being taught ethics and morals at home.

Someone needs to give this teacher a medal. He didn't even really fight back -- probably because he knew if he did, he'd be slapped with a lawsuit!

The student seen in the video was reportedly charged with assault and suspended from school. Let's see how much cellphone time he gets in juvie or jail.

What is causing kids to act like this?

Image via Phelyan Sanjoin/Flickr

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