Sarah Palin Makes Weirdest Speech Ever (VIDEO)

Sarah PalinAh, Sarah Palin. Whether you hate her or hate her (not a typo!), she's always good fodder. Palin is an expert at word salad -- she tosses a bunch of loaded words, such as "America," "vets," "Obama," and "patriotism" -- you take your pick -- into a bowl, stirs them up, spits them out, and somehow has a political career. Speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Palin was up to her ol' incomprehensible tricks, blubbering out a speech that even some Republicans admitted was nonsensical.


We dare you to watch and then make sense of it. If you can, you may work with schizophrenics or alcoholics, or if you don't, you should. Check it out:

What the hell was that? Something about status quo and riding bending backs? HUH?

The scary thing is that Palin is interested in running for president. Can you imagine the poor translators who must accompany her to foreign shores and try to figure out how to coherently translate her gibberish without starting World War 3?

But I'm going to be serious here for a moment. Is it possible Palin is on meds or something? Or could she have the onset of some kind of mental disorder? I'm not making fun here, I seriously am concerned! Tortured syntax is a prime symptom of mental impairment.

Sarah, get checked out!

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The sad thing is that plenty of people will still vote for her if she runs -- you betcha! Because when you toss out word salad, there's always someone who grabs a tomato and stuffs it in their bended back and chews the status quo. Something like that.

Can you figure out what she's saying?

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