Notorious Child Killer Joins Popular Dating Site & Women Have No Idea

If the news that "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle recently showed up on a popular online dating site wasn't enough to make you vow to be single forever, then the latest singleton to join the online dating scene just might. Mothers in the UK will want to be careful when perusing the personals, as reportedly child killer Jon Venables has an online profile, and you can be sure it leaves out the fact that he killed toddler James Bulger when he was 10 years old.


According to the Mirror, Venables, who is one of the youngest convicted murderers in UK history and who spent about eight years in custody after abducting, torturing, and killing 2-year-old James Bulger, is now on a very popular UK dating site. Now 32, he's using a different name. However, legally, the Mirror can't report this name -- so the women on the site will likely have zero idea who is taking them out for a drink or dinner.

This is how Venables and Robert Thompson, both 10, looked when they were arrested. Horrific that kids this young could torture a young boy to death!

In 2001, Venables was given a brand new identity, though it's unclear if this is the identity he is using on the site.

And it's not like Venables stayed out of trouble after his release at age 18. In his 20s, Venables served two years in prison for downloading and distributing child abuse and pornography videos. Videos found on his computer reportedly included children as young as 8 being raped and involved children as young as 2.

Yet Venables apparently isn't being monitored in the slightest (except by the press -- thanks, press!) and is allowed to troll websites looking for women -- including ones with young children. Just the kind of guy you want around your kids, right?

Lord only knows why this man is free to roam around, let alone get on the Internet and ensnare unsuspecting women with some highly glossed over profile that mentions his sense of humor but not his taste for child pornography nor his past as a child killer.

It's a good lesson to women -- be careful, VERY careful, about anyone you meet online. You never know who they really are!

Does this make you nervous about dating sites? Do you think he should be free?

Image via Nicholas Raymond/Flickr

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